mini project_improvement and the concept of prototyping

Improve or modify a project idea:

  • flow analysis:

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 上午12.34.15

  • come out of test run

In the test run beginning, will have some many unknown problem, so my first step is to random invite some visitors to use the app. After they finish the tour will collect the responses and to improve the app.

Since have so many people did’t know this app, so my step two is to do more promotion let people know the museum release the museum server app for the visitors and introduce the benefit of the app to attract people to use it. For the promotion, we can invite some reporter to use the final version app, let them can introduce the app to them viewer.

set three is to arrange some part time staff in the different zone to answer the visitors questions and teach them how to use the app.

  • budgets or manpower

In the manpower part, my idea just need to increase three manpower of the full time staff and five to six part staff.

full time staff responsibilities:

maintain the good order of the museum

check the fast pass


maintain the equipments and app

part time staff responsibilities:

in the set up period to set the equipment for this idea request


answer the questions of the visitors

teach the visitors how to use the app

In the budgets part, my idea need to buy some equipment and extra to employ two long time staff and two to three part time staff. We can use the income of tickets and apply the subsidized by the government, it can do the balance in the outcome and income and increase the visitors satisfaction, let them will come back again.

  • interactive part

For my idea the interactive part is: the museum and visitors

Museum through the app to provide the fast pass, live camera and timer to the visitors. Visitors  base on the requirement to choose the suitable function for they self, and give the request to the app, let the app can base on the requirement to do some responses.

  • personal information and privacy issue

For the personal information and privacy issue problem, museum app just collect the information of QR code behind in tickets and the visitors basic data (like name,gender and email) to confirm the fast pass booking.

prototyping methods and techniques:

  • after effect +video
  • Android Development Tools
  • QR code

reference: (app tutorial) (QR code tutorial)


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